Thank you for the support!

Just wanted to say a little thank you to all those who have supported, worked with and contacted us!

We had an amazing time producing Bursting! and are so proud of our little musical. Its online debut will arrive shortly.

As for whats next for SPP. Both Karly and Kelly have been following creative endeavours in their respective fields and look forward to a spare moment to start collaborating again. But it’s a see you later for now! Stay tuned :)



Our little film that could…


Many of you know already that Bursting! is complete! It has been such an amazing journey taking this project from concept to creation and Spinach Puff Productions owes a great deal to some amazing people who believed in making this little film the best film it could be.

The film has now been submitted to Tropfest and we will hear very soon how Bursting! has done. Needless to say, we can’t wait until we can share the film with you, so any news of its progress in Tropfest will be shared as soon as we get it!

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has assisted us on this project, including our amazing producer Katie Amos and director Brendan Cain and the entire crew who put so much love and time to our shoot. Thanks to our fabulous cast (who are hilarious, as you’ll soon see!) and our INCREDIBLE Pozible donators who showed such support for the project.

And mostly thanks to our writer, Gary Sewell, who came to Kelly and I with an amazing idea and trusted Spinach Puff to take his story and bring it to life.

And now here are some stills from the shoot! For more, check out our Facebook page and make sure to ‘Like’ us to keep up-to-date.



Our little girl, Phoebe Wolfe.


Director Brendan Cain


Our amazing day # 3 crew on location at the Hungry Grasshopper Cafe, Haberfield

We did it!

WE (YOU) DID IT!!!!!

Our Pozible campaign has officially closed, and with the overwhelming support, love and generosity of all of you, we have raised an amazing $5321!

As my title suggests, YOU raised this money for us, and we are incredibly grateful.

It has been a whirlwind ride here at Spinach Puff headquarters. We dived into the crowdfunding wave not knowing what to expect at all (hoping to raise more than a few dollars, expecting to have to beg, borrow and steal most of it…) and thanks to our family, friends, colleagues, fellow students and even a few people who just liked our idea, we have raised our entire budget.

We promise you that not a cent will go to waste – we begin filming in 8 days (so much work to do before then..!) and our budget will be wisely spent to make the best film we can.

So stay tuned for updates – we’ll have some more casting news announced shortly! – and you’ll be able to see just how well Bursting! is coming along.

With love,

The Spinach Puff Productions team.

Announcing our little star, Phoebe Wolfe!

We are delighted to announce we have cast our main little girl for Bursting!

Phoebe Wolfe will star as our main character, a girl trying to find the confidence to share her talent with the world – no matter the consequences.

Here is her beautiful headshot:

Phoebe Wolfe, star of Bursting!

We welcome Phoebe to the cast. She’s already been busy in rehearsals learning the showtunes for the film and working with our director and musical director, as you can see:

Stay tuned for more updates for Bursting!, and don’t forget we still have 48 hours left on our crowdfunding campaign!

3 days left on Pozible!

Hi all,


The Spinach Puff team have been BLOWN AWAY at the support for our short film. The response from everyone has been incredible and we are very lucky to have people who care and support us and our work. So – THANK YOU! There are still three days left to show you support and share the love:

Our producer Katie has been working hard compiling schedules, budgets, team meetings, contracts, locations, catering… you name it, she’s on it! Katie, Kelly and I shared a great production meeting last week (involving caramel filled chocolate muffins… yes… caramel filled…) and we’re pleased to say that everything is coming along! Hard to believe that we commence shooting in only 10 days!!

In the mean time, we are still trying to source a few things!


We are after a house to shoot in that has the feel of a very well-lived in Grandmother’s house. We are hoping to find a house with a piano in the living room. If you or anyone you know has a comfy, cosy house with a piano and wouldn’t mind us filming in there over Friday 30th, Saturday the 1st and Sunday the 2nd, get in touch at


As you can imagine, feeding a hungry crew of 15 over 3 days isn’t easy! If you own a cafe/small business or know someone who would be keen to donate food (salads, sandwiches, snacks – anything easily transported and non-heated) we would LOVE to hear from you! Any assistance is greatly appreciated! Contact Karly at
Once again, thanks to everyone for their support so far, and stay tuned for more Bursting! updates!

The Spinach Puff Productions team

Bursting! Crowdfunding campaign is LIVE on Pozible!

Great news! Our crowdfunding campaign is now LIVE on Pozible!

You can read all about our project, the wonderful people we have involved and (most importantly) how to support us on our campaign page here!

Special thank you to Peter Magdas who has kicked off our campaign with a bang!


Peter Magdas, Laura Scrivano, Sharni Benson, Chas Cameron, Anna Cain, Rachel Argall, Katia Nizic, Anil Griffin, Violette Ayad, Tonile Wortley, Daniel Fettell, Taylor Litton-Strain, Shannon Longville, Timothy Page, Alan Crabbe, Lindsay Smith, Michael Bezzina, Marthese Bezzina, Loz Deramore Denver, Blake Guy, Bethany Pillay, Tony and Leisa Pisano, Penny Cameron, Warrick Eady, Kate Hart, Michael Gupta, Keir Wilkins, Jade Ueckermann, Stella Donnelly, Yolanda Ramke, Rachel Collins, Tim Maddocks, Jason Reed, Alicia Brogan, Edward Primrose, Lucy Amos, Allison Gumbleton, Alex Giles, Michael Bezzina, Kate Croser, Charlotte Sevil, The Colour Blind Project, Alice McAvoy, Caroline Tamas, Blake Gormley, Tiffany Moulton, Milana Vulovic, Ruhama Geiger, Sam Gardner, Alex Lalak, Madeleine Parker, Owen Ikin, Carmel Field, Jenny Lewis, Magda Wozniak, Sherree Philips, Sky Girrl, Tim Lee, Clare Glendenning, Shayne Harris, Dee Crowther, Romina Accurso, Alex Cullen, Hayley Vogt, Matt Smith, Jarrod Braybon, Jessica Craig-Piper, Cyrus Bezyan, Sacha Marie Curtis, Robbie Haddad, Dian Stewart, Alex Barnett, Melissa Anastasi, Bernadette Murray, Leah James, Margaret McHugh, James Hardiman, Andrew Scott, Jen Jurss, Jess Carruthers, Hollie Fifer, Deb and Jeff Hitchins

News that we’re just BURSTING to tell you!

We’re excited to announce the title of our Tropfest 2013 film: ‘Bursting’!

Written by the ridiculously talented Gary Sewell, ‘Bursting’ is a delightful black comedy that tells the story of a little girl finding the confidence to follow her dreams.

The film will be directed by Brendan Cain and produced by Katie Amos, supported by a wonderful crew. We will be kicking off our crowdfunding campaign this week, and you can be sure we’ll be keeping you updated.

The Spinach Puff Production team


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